Nov 30, 2017 7:30pm

Our holiday show is on POWER in its various forms. 


The power of sisterhood, and how one woman's belief in another gave her the strength to rise out of poverty. The power of one voice. The power of family, and how a daughter returns a mother's love. The power of music to connect us, and guide us through the darkest times. And the power of vulnerability--raw, brave, honest. 


As this is also our holiday show, and a week after Thanksgiving, we're encouraging our guests to bring donation items to be distributed to a local women's shelter and food bank. And as always, ten percent of our profits from ticket sales and concessions will be donated to the National Women's Coalition against violence and exploitation, working to empower women and children. 


She is a writer, speaker, and sexual assault and self-harm researcher and recovery coach. Born in Bangladesh, raised in Thailand, and presently residing in Oregon, USA, she holds a double BA in Gender Studies and Theater from Skidmore College. Reema is the author of the memoir I Am Yours. Her work has been published in The VIDA Review, SHAPE, NAILED, Full Grown People, The Huffington Post, and Your Tango.

As a speaker, Reema tackles challenging topics and vulnerable stories with exceptional poise, eloquence, and warmth. An ambassador of empowerment, clarity, and love, she speaks on resilience, rape culture, trauma, sexual assault, the power of storytelling, and female leadership. Her most notable branded talk is You Are The Voice. Merging motivational speech, theater, and spoken word, You Are The Voice is a talk on healing and rising beyond rape and other adversities. It explores the power within all women, our ability to be the authors of our lives and leaders in the larger world. She performs at various colleges, conferences, and other venues. You can learn more about her here:




Üma is a writer, editor, publisher, and change agent. In her past lives, she's been an entrepreneur, magazine designer, art director, yoga teacher, and bike messenger.

She is currently working on her new book, Louder Than Words. Part memoir and part creative nonfiction, the book explores how silence equals violence, the #metoo movement, and serves as both a call-to-action and holds out hope for victims of violence who find themselves still hidden in shadows. The book is expected to be released in early 2018. For more information, please visit https://www.patreon.com/umakleppinger

Üma has performed her stories at live storytelling venues such as The Moth, Seven Deadly Sins, and Pants On Fire. She also occasionally tortures open mic audiences with bad poetry and short comedy skits.

When not writing or doing live performance, Üma can usually be found out in the woods on her mountain bike or looking for good science fiction.


She is a jubilant Speaker, Professional Coach, Author, and Educator who has overcome a childhood of poverty and abuse, raised four children through hard work and painful decisions, and has gone from surviving off of welfare benefits to earning her University Degree in Public Administration, graduating with the highest honor of Summa Cum Laude while serving as a staff member in both a Senatorial and Congressional office.

CoCo pulled herself out of poverty in order to show others how to do the same. She exists in order to breathe life back into impoverished communities, rekindle relationships across economic class lines and empower women.

She loves to live out loud, and we're all fortunate to bear witness to it.


She grew up in small towns, at the kitchen tables of working women who taught her to read cards, listen for deeper meaning, make her own money, and never back down. Her stories often chronicle the lives of these women- mothers, grandmothers, counterfeiters, fortune tellers, bar owners, gamblers, arsonists, divorcees, and mistresses. She connects their stories of rebellion and resistance to her own, and raises up parallel stories of resilience. Nikole writes to reminds us that there is beauty and power in everything, particularly the darkness, the unspoken, the lost, and the forgotten.

Nikole’s engaging storytelling style, compelling personal narratives, and powerful voice moves audiences deftly between quiet reflection to uproarious laughter. One reviewer called her debut album "an eleven song Moth story slam." Her sound has been compared to Lucinda Williams, Brandi Carlile, John Prine, and Grace Potter. Her debut album “You Want to Know About Me” was released on June 15, 2017. Copies will be for sale in the lobby and here: https://www.nikolepotulsky.com/

Nikole has performed across the United States on stages with Israel Nash, Daphne Willis, Edna Vasquez, Ashleigh Flynn, Taína Asili y la Banda Rebelde, Evan Greer, and at events like Unchaste, Get Nervous, Grief Rites, Coming Out Monologues, Siren Nation, OutLoud Music Festival, Rhea Music Festival, Batts Comedy Tour, and once in a honky tonk bar behind chicken wire.