ROAR strives to give a platform to women's voices from all walks of life. We're interested in stories that showcase courage, diversity, acceptance, change, and empowerment. We're looking to start conversations. Push buttons. Inspire others around us.

If you're interested in sharing a story with our audience, please send us an email with the following guidelines: 

* Stories must be true and yours to tell

* Pitch up to three story ideas on topics you're passionate about (a short paragraph on each topic is sufficient)

* A short bio on you and the best way to reach you

We promise we will respond as quickly as possible. 



Private story coaching is available one-on-one, for small groups, and corporate retreats. Whether you're a novice storyteller, or would like to tighten a presentation or piece you're working on, we can help. 


A short consultation is necessary to determine your particular coaching needs.